About the Artist

Benjamin has been painting for the past 10 years. His work has been exhibited in the US and Japan, with noteworthy features and awards. His work is noted for its relations to epistemology, as well as a balance between the conscious and the subconscious.

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Benjamin's new project, GIOLOGICA, explores geological formations in nature. This will inform mark making and composition building in future abstract projects.


Benjamin is deeply interested in the visually communicated production of tangible, acting theories of knowledge. The ineffable and the metaphysical inform his compositions, while a certain realism injects narrative into non-objective scenarios. The result is something in-between abstraction and depiction that redefines how we perceive reality.

Inner motivation comes from growing up surrounded by philosophy, dichotomic struggle, religion, philology, and a love of history- all having been pivotal in my life. I keep my eyes open, get outdoors whenever I can, and try to initiate new conversations with the world and how we got here, what we can understand, each day. Anything that wakes me up and allows me to see further, to feel alive, will help me to to produce.

Artists who have been an influence to me, who have taught me something about what art is and can be, include process based artists and abstract landscape painters-  Annie Lapin, Callum Innes, Wade Guyton, Theaster Gates, Nathan Hylden… These artists emphasize a kind of contemporary metaphor, where something needs solving.

I work towards increasing my community and interaction with artists, producing work beyond my current capability, and exhibiting in meaningful places.