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This is a professional archival print of the original watercolor painting. The print is scrupulously perfected and produced on the finest artist grade Moab Entrada cotton paper. Optional precision handmade mahogany frame equipped with artist grade mat board and backing board. Check out how I make them on my Instagram highlight!

Original painting available here!

This piece of obsidian just makes it into the "golden sheen" variety- it has large gas bubbles here and there that give it a gold translucence, especially when held up to the light. Obsidian fractures in conchoidal designs, with sharp edges and rounded curves. It's glassy, with no crystals, having been formed from extremely viscous lava that cooled quickly. 

11x14in/28x35.5cm professional archival print, on 300 gsm 100% cotton fine art Moab Entrada paper. Artist signature, date, and unique Giologica stamp on back of print.

Carefully shipped in a tube. 

If ordered framed, shipped in a reinforced box.

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